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Influencers & Education

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Airdrops One
Current and Future COSMOS Airdrops.
Chill Validation
Enhancing Interchain Solutions for the Cosmos
The Unified Data Platform and Trading Hub for Cosmos.
Confident in Crypto
Follow for daily Bitcoin and Crypto posts!.
Tools for web3 builders in the cosmos.
Cosmos Daily
#Cosmos $ATOM Daily News, Guides & Featured Projects.
Cosmos Joe
Crypto Conversation, Collaboration, and Education
Cosmos Pug
Tools & Airdrops for Cosmos ecosystem Community!
Cosmos Spaces
The Hub for Everything Cosmos - Community | Support | Alpha
Cosmos specific content creator
Don Cryptonium
Prince of Kwun Tong. Validator: ATOM, NOMIC, JUNO, STARS.
Multichain validator contributing to chain development
Game of Nodes Podcast
The Game of Nodes podcast official twitter. Holistically wholesome since 2022.
House of Shade
Educational Hub for Shade_Protocol | Spartan Led | Community Driven | SHD | SILK | SCRT.
Chain agnostic Cosmos content creator
osmosiszone key contributor | Builder of | cosmos Validator & Relayer | We provide reliable infrastructure for next generation technologies.
Interchain Info
A creator, aggregator, and home for educational resources in the IBC interchain ecosystem.
Map of Zones
Cosmos Ecosystem Explorer.
Orbital Command
Validator dedicated to educating the LUNA, OSMO, LUNC, and EVMOS communities.
Rekt Gang
Multichain NFT DAO and Knowledge Hub
Transparent multichain Validator
Crypto Audio Archive and Twitter Space Repository
Web3 Builders Alliance
Master Level Rust CosmWasm Institute for leveling up the developer talent, standards, and experience in Cosmos.
Airdrop Scanner
For Legit Airdrops, Giveaways Join us, DM us for Graphic Design, Animination, Presentation video, Memes Collection
AirDrop Spot
Ongoing & Upcoming - simply the hottest Crypto AirDrops Updates on COSMOS, TERRA, CRONOS and other spots. to track every airdrop on the Cosmos!
Bites Digital Group
Media, interviews, howtos for the web3 defi #ibc world. With flipsidecrypto. Content ≠ advice, DYOR.
Citizen Cosmos
Validator and ecosystem developer
Coin Logic
Looking Logically at Crypto Assets - Crypto analysis, news, education, research. Focused on Bitcoin, Hive, Cosmos, BSC ecosystems.
CLP is a place to discover and learn more about the cosmos. We're on a mission to build the observatory of the Cosmos where people broaden their horizons.