BonusBlock is a blockchain network that rewards users for on-chain activity across Web3, aiming to build healthier relationships, loyalty, and community engagement with project stakeholders. It addresses the challenges faced by traditional marketing channels in promoting on-chain interactions and seeks to enhance user engagement through rewards for blockchain-based products​​.

The BonusBlock Economy

BonusBlock has introduced a novel marketing protocol for incentivizing on-chain activity in the Web3 ecosystem. This protocol encourages user interactions with on-chain products and services, offering rewards in the form of fungible and non-fungible tokens. This model aims to increase network effects, enhance user engagement, and foster economic growth within the Web3 ecosystem​​.

Token Utility

The $BONUS token serves multiple functions within the platform, benefiting project teams, developers, and end-users. It offers campaign fee discounts, premium feature access, and analytics unlocking for projects. Developers benefit from it being the gas fee token and a source of revenue generation. For end-users, the token provides reward multipliers, wallet connectivity, early campaign access, exclusive protocol access, and a reward conversion bonus​​.


BonusBlock’s roadmap outlines its development from Q1 2023 to Q1 2024. Key milestones include conceptualizing and researching the project, developing a marketing protocol and tokenomics model, launching a Minimum Viable Product, releasing public beta versions, and focusing on user growth and partnerships​​.

Core Team

The core team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds in digital entrepreneurship, computer science, business management, and marketing. Notable members include Oskars Jepsis (Director at BBlock Labs), Aleksejs Grocevs (Lead Tech/Engineering), Natalie Shtangrat (Head of Outreach and Marketing), Kris Ewald (Head of Ops), and Victoria Gago (Advisor)​​.