Beranames Whitelisting is Live on Berachain Artio!

Beranames Whitelisting is Live on Berachain Artio!

BY gannafrejzer95March 12 · 5 min read

Mainnet Whitelisting is live, your official .🐻⛓️ name awaits on!

To be eligible for Berachain Mainnet whitelist minting, the requirements are simple:

But to secure a spot in the more exclusive minting rounds:

  1. Rep your Beraname in your Twitter handle — the best way to help spread awareness of 🐻⛓️
  2. Complete Galxe quests!

These initiatives will earn you points which will determine whether you get to mint during:

1. Ooga Mint

The berry first beras to secure their names, receiving a 14.20% discount.

2. Booga Mint

6.9% discount.

3. b/era Mint

The last chance to snipe a based name before the flood of campers.

Minting a name on Berachain Artio does not reserve it on Mainnet. That’s why whitelist minting rounds are important to secure your name, snipe something based, and avoid campers.

As the official Name Service of Berachain, Beranames’ mission is simple:

Enhance the ecosystem.

Beranames offers the familiar core features of a Name Service while breaking all conventions as such the ethos of Berachain itself.

Together with Berachain, we introduced a new model called Chain-Owned-Public-Services (COPS 🚔) resulting in 75% of Beranames’ revenues going back to the ecosystem into Proof of Liquidity — a true public good, as a native “service” should.

What started as an initiative to simply do what was right for the community turned out to open the door to innovations simply unreplicable anywhere else, starting with…

Self-Renewing Beranames

Your names earn yield and automatically renew thanks to Proof of Liquidity.

Beranames will continue to leverage the value created from doing our part in fueling the ecosystem with honey for future innovations. When you begin to view the existing core UX verticals through the lens of COPS, the value proposition for users is unmatched.

It’s officially b/era, and .🐻⛓️ is taking over.

Head to to mint your first name & complete Beranames Galxe quests to get ahead.


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