Bitcoin CRASHING & Altcoins in FREE FALL: Best Opportunity Since March 2020?

BY CryptoCitoApril 14 · video

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI,

March 2020 crash presented a massive opportunity for crypto investors. 00:02

  • The crash saw Ethereum’s value plunge from $200 to below $100 in one night.

  • The recent crash, likely caused by Middle East tensions, saw Ethereum drop from $3500 to below $33,000.

Crypto market reacts to global tensions. 02:27

  • Crypto market showed immediate reaction over the weekend while other markets are expected to crash.

  • Crypto, designed to be resistant to geopolitical tensions, is decoupled from government.

Consider market events an opportunity carefully. 04:44

  • Professional traders may see leverage trading as an opportunity, but caution is advised for non-professionals.

  • Bitcoin remains relatively stable compared to altcoins amidst recent market fluctuations.

Altcoin bloodbath with some coins hitting lows. 06:51

  • Various altcoins experiencing significant price drops, some hitting new lows.

  • Dubai host to conference facing cancellations due to external tensions.

Crypto conferences should be held in unstable countries. 09:03

  • Countries like Colombia, Turkey, Argentina, and others need crypto education and conferences.

  • Dubai is a crypto hub, but conferences are also essential in unstable regions like Latin America and Africa.

Bitcoin price impacted by events, altcoins in free fall. 11:11

  • Events like halving, Iran situation impacting Bitcoin price.

  • Altcoins experiencing absolute free fall, potential opportunity for investment.

Bitcoin crashing and altcoins in free fall, presenting a potential opportunity. 13:17

  • Several altcoins such as Cosmos, dydx, and ban protocol experiencing significant price drops.

  • Despite the market downturn, certain protocols in Cosmos are thriving, with new launches and substantial investments.

Exciting developments in EVM and proof of liquidity consensus algorithm by Bar Chain. 15:39

  • Bar Chain innovated Polaris EVM framework with novel proof of liquidity consensus algorithm.

  • Smokey, a key figure, known for meme game, considered one of the smartest and hardest working in the industry.

Crypto is a revolutionary technology empowering individuals amidst global economic tensions. 17:38

  • Crypto offers full ownership and empowerment over finances, unaffected by government restrictions.

  • In the next 10 years, everything will be tokenized in crypto, representing an unstoppable innovation.

Hope for tensions to end and no more bombings worldwide. 19:49

  • Expressing hope for global peace and an end to conflicts.

  • Upcoming events and scheduling changes for the channel.