Brand New Cosmos L1 Set to LAUNCH | Lava Network TOKENOMICS Deep Dive + Airdrop!?

BY CryptoCitoApril 30 · video

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI:

Lava Network introduces Lava Token and discusses tokenomics and potential airdrop. 00:01
  • Lava Network announces Lava Token and its potential airdrop
  • Discussion on the recent developments and impact on ETF flows, including outflows and halting of flows by Black Rock
Lava Network building decentralized RPC infrastructure on Cosmos SDK. 01:20
  • Lava aims to fix systemic risk factor for Ethereum DeFi caused by centralized companies like Infura
  • Partnership with Ro Chains announced, compatible with Ethereum, Solana, and more
Lava Network aims to be deflationary with a 1 billion coin supply. 02:35
  • Lava token has a total supply of 1 billion coins and aims to become deflationary quickly
  • The economic model involves built-in burn and reaking mechanisms to ensure scarcity and integrity
Stake to Validators and Providers for network security and efficiency. 03:45
  • Maximize capital efficiency by staking to validators and restaking to providers.
  • Token holders can participate in onchain governance to determine pricing and maintenance of API specs.
Lava token utility and distribution details. 05:00
  • Lava token serves as gas fees payment and economic security for the Lava Network
  • Token distribution breakdown includes allocations for future initiatives, validators, early backers, core contributors, and ecosystem
Understanding Lava Network Tokenomics. 06:19
  • Initial year sees less than 25% of Lava Supply in the market.
  • After the first year, a substantial increase in the supply due to early investor unlocks.
  • Liquidity rollout spans 4 years with gradual increase in circulating supply.
  • Growth focuses on magma points for rewarding users in incentivized RPC pools.
Switching to Lava provider can earn magma points, potential for Lava tokens. 07:29
  • Users can earn magma points by switching RPC provider to Lava in Cosmos native wallets
  • Lava Network may introduce Lava tokens in the future, along with Lava drop Seasons for growth
Brand New Cosmos L1 Launch with Strong Fundamentals. 08:44
  • Lava Network has survived the bear market, raised $15 million, and has an experienced team.
  • Lava Network is focused on shipping a finished product and is aligned with NEAR, Ethereum, and Axan Network.