EigenLayer Airdrop Tutorial: How to Restake for the BEST Airdrops in 2024!

BY Frens ValidatorJuly 9 · video

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#eigenlayer #eigenDA #AVS #airdrop #airdropcrypto #stakingcryptocurrency
The EigenLayer Ecosystem is set to become the airdrop ecosystem of 2024. We could see hundreds of airdrops worth + $1000! In today’s episode, we show you how to restake properly to get exposure to most of the airdrops in the EigenLayer ecosystem.

0:00 Intro
0:11 Operators
1:38 AVS & AVS Airdrops
3:34 How to Restake & Choose Operator
10:22 Why we will see the biggest Airdrops in Ethereum/ EigenLayer in 2024
14:41 EigenLayer Airdrop Boost via Swell L2
17:38 Outro
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