How to Maximize Your EigenLayer Airdrops [5 DIGIT AIRDROPS?!] – with DeFi Dojo

BY Frens ValidatorJuly 9 · video

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What are the best airdrop and yield opportunities on EigenLayer? And how can you maximize your airdrop eligibility chances for all of the EigenLayer AVS services that will launch soon? This is what we discussed with DeFi Dojo. DeFi Dojo informs its Discord Members about the best Yield Opportunities in all of crypto. Besides, the team runs validators on various chains. That’s why we have decided to join forces on EigenLayer and launch an operator together. When staking $ETH with our operator, you will get exposure to all of the airdrops that will take place in the EigenLayer AVS ecosystem. In this episode, we inform you about the best airdrop and yield maximization strategy in the EigenLayer ecosystem, explain to you why these crazy APYs that you see on EigenLayer are actually sustainable and make sense, and so much more!

0:00 Introductions
1:53 EigenLayer Overview
13:12 Airdrop & Yield Maximization
45:05 Selecting the right AVS Operator
50:17 Opportunities
53:04 Wen Launch/ what valuation?
55:47 Outro
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