BY Cosmic ValidatorJuly 10 · video

Hello, Cyber Ninjas! Welcome to your digital dojo of Injective Ecosystem updates—it’s July, and we’re slicing through the latest and greatest in blockchain and crypto! In this episode, we’ve got stealthy upgrades, sharp new partnerships, and explosive developments that are revolutionizing our network. Ready your digital katanas and activate stealth mode, because we’re about to navigate the shadows of the crypto world, uncovering hidden gems and cutting-edge innovations. Let’s leap into action and unveil what July has in store for us!

A fantastic two weeks for the Injective community as the Injective Ecosystem gets a new and improved Bridge, the ultimate Gaming Layer, and the Ronin Discord Role while Helix launches ZRO futures trading. Your one-stop channel for the Injective Ecosystem covering new dApps, tech updates, milestones, events, airdrops, and a bunch of other updates in this episode. Let’s dive in and unpack the biggest news within Injective