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Hi Ninjas! Welcome to the Injective ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Injective in the 2nd half of March:

INJECTIVE BRIDGE IONIC UPGRADE: Learn all the details about this upgrade in this episode

RESTAKED SECURITY ON inEVM: What is it and what are the benefits for Injective?

HELIX: PYTH airdrop for early Helix users

1ST INJECTIVE COMMUNITY QUADRATIC FUNDING ROUND: What is it and what are the projects receiving votes from the community?

INJECTIVE ECOSYSTEM UPDATES: Noble integration, TokenStation, Mito Finance, Relative Finance, Artemis, DojoSwap, Clusters, Aeroscraper, Galxe integration and more

The following is an AI generated summary from ICI,

Injective ecosystem news roundup. 00:04

  • Injective Bridge onic upgrade allows easy bridging from major chains onto Injective.
  • Ionic upgrade enables transfer from EVM chains, non-EVM chains, and IBC-enabled chains.

Injective is now the fastest chain to interact with Ethereum and EVM Native assets. 01:28

  • Monitoring bridging process in real-time and detailed transfer history available.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Ethereum, faster transfer times, lowest transaction fees in crypto, and integration with various wallets for user convenience.

Injective achieves 500 million onchain transactions milestone. 02:41

  • Injective collaborates with Al layer for security framework in EVM applications
  • Integration with Noble to facilitate use of USDC within Injective ecosystem

Helix’s PYTH Airdrop and token launches on inEVM. 04:01

  • The Pith Spa Market and nonja spot Market went live on Helix’s P network, offering support for limit orders and a trading competition with prize tokens
  • Helix received 2 million Pith tokens for utilizing its Oracle and being the first IBC blockchain to do so

Integration of PYTH tokens and Mido vaults on Injective. 05:20

  • The launch of new vaults on Mido and the distribution of PYTH tokens to early Helix users
  • Increased opportunities for users to earn on Injective through vault trading and wagering on relative asset value

Injective protocols activity metrics. 06:34

  • Injective’s protocols activity includes daily active addresses, transaction fees, and Dex volumes.
  • Injective addresses support cross-chaining protocol, enabling one shared identity across Ethereum, Injective, and Salana.

Injective being recognized on Galaxy platform. 07:57

  • Galaxy supports the minting and distribution of onchain achievement tokens on Injective
  • Injective ambassadors can collect exclusive badges powered by Galaxy

Injective community voting and quadratic funding for projects. 09:14

  • Community members can vote for 11 projects selected from 120 submissions
  • Projects with wider community support receive more funding through quadratic funding algorithm