$NEAR about to Explode! Dencun Upgrade Bullish for $ETH? [Overrated/ Underrated] with Cryptocito

BY Frens ValidatorJuly 9 · video

Is $NEAR about to reach its old ATH? And how will the Dencun Upgrade impact the price of $ETH? This and much more is what we will discuss with Cryptocito in today’s episode of Overrated/ Underrated. Overrated/Underrated with Cryptocito is a format in which we rate the current valuation and potential of various crypto projects. Today we will cover Ethereum $ETH, Near blockchain $NEAR, Agoric $BLD, Coreum $COREUM, Babylon, Cardano $ADA, and many more!

0:00 Intro & Market Sentiment
3:42 Ethereum
12:11 Coreum
17:03 Near
21:10 Cardano
27:47 Agoric
32:39 Agoric
37:31 Memecoins
44:45 Outlook March/ April
47:37 Outro
– – – –
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