NOLUS lets you long $ATOM without interest

BY CosmosDefiJan 9 · video

NOLUS is an application specific blockchain that is interoperable with Cosmos via the IBC protocol. The feature product is a DeFi Lease, which allows users to open long positions by putting down a fraction of the value of their lease. They can gain ownership over time by paying it down with upside or new funds. The $NLS token powers the network and can be staked for 13% APY.

=========== TIME STAMPS ===========
01:35 ~ Demo #1: Get tokens onto NOLUS network
03:35 ~ Demo #2: Open a DeFi Lease
07:10 ~ Demo #3: Earn with Stable Coins
08:50 ~ My thoughts on NOLUS

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This video was sponsored by the Atom Accelerator DAO. More info here: Not financial advice. This video is meant for informational purposes only. Do your own research before taking risks with cryptocurrency. Follow me on twitter: Like, share, and subscribe if you like informational content & crypto live streams!

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