Recap of recent Cosmos Airdrop Announcements – Cosmoverse Edition

Recap of recent Cosmos Airdrop Announcements – Cosmoverse Edition

BY ICIOct 7 · 1 min read

Summary of some of the recent Cosmos Airdrop announcements, as well as some Cosmoverse alpha:

  • $PASG Airdrop is almost here
  • $QSR Airdrop proposal is on forum
  • $NAM Airdrop to $ATOM holders + testnet users
  • $TIA Airdrop – 11 days left
  • $STRD Season 9 and $EVMOS $UMEE $SOMM $CMDX
  • $NOM and $ARCH updates
  • $STRD proposal to convert entire $STRD supply to $ATOM


$PASG Airdrop

Passage released an update on $PASG airdrop and the $PASG airdrop claiming process for The Sstrange Clan NFT holders will begin October 23, 2023.

  • At current $PASG prices, this is ~ $120 per NFT for Town 1 Holders

$QSR Airdrop

QuasarFi posted $QSR Airdrop proposal on forum.

  • 15.3M $QSR for the first airdrop or ~ 500 $QSR per wallet = ~ $9

$NAM Airdrop

Namada with strong presence at Cosmoverse

  • Sharing the details about the project and announcing $NAM airdrop for $ATOM holders and incentivized testnet participants

$NAM airdrop🪂 to $ATOM holders + incentivized testnet from @namada ➡️Dates & details are TBD ➡️Aims to fill privacy gaps between zones with IBC-enabled architecture. ➡️"Within the current IBC-connected landscape, no existing solution allows for privacy between zones" 1/


$TIA Airdrop

Celestia made waves earlier with $TIA airdrop

  • Make sure to claim your genesis $TIA drop in the next 11 days

$STRD Airdrop

Stride continues with recycling $STRD Airdrop:

  • Season 9: 12 days remaining,
  • $EVMOS Season 5: 24 days remaining
  • $UMEE $SOMM $CMDX Season 1: ~1 day remaining

$NOM and Bitcoin in Cosmos

Nomic with a huge announcement at Cosmoverse on an upgrade that will support IBC transfers of $nBTC, enabling BTC use in Cosmos

Earn more $ARCH

Aarchway giving you more ways to earn $ARCH by completing missions and earning Community XP

$STRD proposal to convert entire $STRD supply to $ATOM

In a recent forum post, an intriguing proposal has been put forth: the conversion of the entire $STRD supply to $ATOM, thereby granting the Cosmos Hub full control over the Stride protocol and its associated rewards. Please note the proposal is still in an idea stage.