Saga Listing on Binance: 100+ New Cosmos Airdrops?! Celestia, Quasar, Initia, Lava, Cosmos Hub

BY CryptoCitoApril 9 · video

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI,

Bitcoin halving approaching, ETF inflow analysis, Black Rock vs Grayscale competition. 00:02

  • Cosmos price updates and movements, including quazer increasing
  • Life proposals on Cosmos Hub to revive developer excitement

Asteroids protocol gaining huge community and developer support. 02:15

  • Asteroids protocol, focused on reviving community culture and retail engagement, has strong developer backing
  • Proposal 895 for Asteroids protocol likely to pass soon, opening up opportunities for innovation and functionality with permissioned governance

Positive developments for Cosmos ecosystem with new consumer chains and liquidity boost proposals. 04:29

  • Introduction of new consumer chains Aether, Ilis Network, Lighthouse Network, and Lorenzo Protocol to be onboarded with IC 2.0 partial set security implementation.
  • DCFs Agoric proposal aims to boost inter stable token liquidity across Cosmos DeFi with collaboration with InterProtocol.

Celestia Sloth Society is a major Cosmos airdrop with significant returns. 06:40

  • The airdrop resulted in a 23x return within two days for early participants.
  • Endorsed by prominent figures in the Cosmos community, Celestia Sloth Society is positioned as a key player for future airdrops.

Upcoming token launches and announcements in the Cosmos ecosystem. 08:57

  • Several projects like Inisha, Mantra, and Lava are launching public testnets and tokens
  • Significant partnerships and investments, like Binance Labs backing Inisha and the anticipated launch of Lava

Exciting launch of Saga on Binance with a massive ecosystem. 10:53

  • Saga filling the gaming gap in Cosmos with over 350 projects in its ecosystem, featuring a launch pool campaign on Binance.
  • Saga’s architecture as an L1 chain with shared security, VM agnostic, and potential for chain lads to connect, with partnerships with various projects like Polygon and Celestia.

Record-breaking $13 billion deposited for Saga tokens on Binance. 13:02

  • Saga tokens to go live on CoinGecko soon with high interest in airdrops.
  • Predictions for Saga token launch pricing based on initial market trends and circulating supply.

Saga token price analysis. 15:05

  • Saga’s potential price compared to Wormhole’s 10 billion dollar valuation.
  • Updates on MTH scientists, launch on StreamSwap, and Havac coin updates.

Saga listed on Binance with new airdrops and redistribution of unclaimed tokens. 17:15

  • Tokens redistributed to users who opted in, with some reserved for eligible non-opted in users.
  • Hava launching long-term staking campaign and possible listing on Stream Swap.