Shark Protocol – Everything you need to know

BY IBC GANGApril 5 · video

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AI genereated summary from ICI

Shark Protocol is the Apex price prediction platform in crypto. 00:01

  • Shark Protocol is a platform for price prediction in the crypto space and is described as the Apex in this field
  • The platform has a simple and appealing landing page with a strong first impression, featuring the shark theme and a clean design

Shark Protocol is a decentralized price prediction application on the Migalo Chain. 01:37

  • Shark Protocol integrates DeFi, gaming, fun, and social interactions.
  • Anatomy of Shark Protocol includes price prediction game, Shark token, and Shark staking.

Shark Protocol allocates tokens to shark stakers and LP providers over 5 years. 03:21

  • Shark stakers serve as a mechanism to decentralize shark operations with numerous stakers involved.
  • Shark Stak makes Shark Protocol unique by ensuring no prediction game is cancelled and boosting the amount of shark tokens in play.

Landing page design is clean and simplistic. 05:04

  • The colors are eye-catching and the design grabs the user’s attention.
  • The page has good spacing and feels really good to navigate.

Mealo tokens required to pay for gas in transactions. 06:42

  • Tokens needed to pay for gas in transactions besides Shark tokens.
  • Verify transaction and pay using well tokens along with Shark tokens.

Placing a bet under the Target price of 67194 for bitcoin. 08:30

  • If the bitcoin price closes below the target, the better wins
  • Different time frames can be used for betting

Testing new games on platform. 10:07

  • Ensuring games like Shark Protocol work flawlessly before release
  • Target price prediction limit set at 67194 for winning

Shark Protocol offers airdrops, IBC transfers, and support ticket page. 11:45

  • Airdrop available through KO and on ramping.
  • IBC protocol for inner blockchain communication and asset transfers. Also, support ticket page for issue resolution.