Tabu: A Wallet Built for the Interchain 🚀

BY TabuMay 23 · video

We are thrilled to introduce Tabu, a revolutionary wallet dedicated to making blockchain technology accessible to all. Designed to simplify and streamline experiences across the interchain, Tabu caters to both novices and seasoned blockchain users.

Paving the Way for Web3 Adoption

Tabu’s mission centralizes on fostering the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. This journey is anchored in three interrelated key principles: accessibility, user-friendliness, and education. By enabling individuals, regardless of their blockchain proficiency, to effectively navigate decentralized systems, Tabu aims to bring the advantages of these technologies into mainstream usage.

Tabu’s Dual-Focus Strategy

Tabu differentiates itself from other wallets with its focus on two major areas:

1. Navigating the Interchain Simplified

The primary vision of Tabu is to simplify the vast & complex Interchain ecosystem that’s rapidly growing before our eyes. Our goal is to integrate a comprehensive array of chains and projects into our platform, presenting them through a user-friendly, unified & intuitive interface. Much like Interchain Info aims to educate, Tabu seeks to optimize user experiences and interactions within the evolving Web3 landscape.

For example, Tabu enables users to select their preferred chain or marketplace for NFTs while managing them all from a unified, consolidated platform. This design philosophy permeates Tabu’s functionality, from staking & governance to all types of DeFi.

2. Emphasizing Community Participation

A distinguishing characteristic of Tabu is its commitment to nurturing a community-centric culture – something common in Web3, but less so in wallets. We aspire to become the most community-oriented wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem.

To achieve this, we’re incorporating mechanisms that let our community influence our development trajectory, dictating priority for future features and chains. Alongside the wallet release, we’re launching an exclusive, cost-free NFT collection distributed through several Airdrops🪂 that we will use to help make this goal a reality.

Shaping Tabu’s Future Together

Following the launch, we plan to roll out a unique signaling DAO, governed by the distributed NFTs, known as “Tabulators”. This will provide our community with a democratic platform to vote and provide inputs on Tabu’s developmental roadmap. It’s even possible that in the future, it may become more than just a signalling DAO, should we ever fully embrace the Smart Contract wallet model.

Our teaser video provides a sneak peek into some of the chains and projects that we plan to support. Some will be at launch, some will come soon after. But if you don’t see your favorite project, we encourage you to let us know! Beside, who knows, you might be pleasently surprised when we go live– only a fraction of projects represented in the collection are actually shown in the video! 😉

Gearing up for Launch | Tabu V1

Our commitment to fostering community involvement drives us to expedite the delivery of Tabu to our users. Upon launch, Tabu will serve as an enticing preview of our ambitious, long-term vision. Tabu’s initial version will support all standard Cosmos SDK chains and be available as a mobile wallet on Android and iOS platforms.

Post-launch, we’ll be immediately focused on introducing EVM support and developing a browser extension for desktop users. Although we’re eager to bring Tabu to all communities, our highest priority is making sure that all features & supported protocols are tested extensively, and integrated safely before they go live.

But don’t be discouraged, every feature we’ve envisioned is in the pipeline, awaiting implementation in the weeks following the initial launch, with many of them already being underway.

Stay Up-To-Date

We’re on track to launch Tabu in late June. Follow us on Twitter @TabuApp for the latest updates, and be a part of this exciting journey. We can’t wait to navigate the interchain universe together! 🚀