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Angel Protocol
Angel Protocol leverages Web3 for global social impact, aligning donors, investors, charitable NGO's & impact DAOs around shared incentives; win and help win.
Core Root is an open developer collective | Growing & maintaining core network Infrastructure | JunoNetwork.
Cephalopod Equipment
Infrastructure for decentralized intelligence, by informalinc. Proof of Stake validator and IBC relayer on cosmos regen_network osmosiszone and counting.
Leading the way in accelerating the world’s transition to a decentralized future.
Informal Systems
Growing the Interchain ✨ Builder Cosmos | Validator & Relayer | CephalopodEquip | Formal Verification & Audits ApalacheTLA | Experts in Rustlang.
Interchain Foundation (ICF)
Building and stewarding Cosmos. Join us in creating an interoperable multichain future.
Block explorer for Cosmos-SDK based networks made with love & sophistication.
Founders cosmos. To create & provide the best infrastructure for global-scale intelligent human coordination based on human liberty and public accountability.
Osmosis Foundation
Advancing R&D in cryptography with focus on Interchain AMM. Official account of the Osmosis Foundation.
Osmosis Labs
AMM mad scientists contributing to OsmosisZone.
Regen Foundation
Accelerating the Shift to Global Regeneration | Building a diverse and inclusive community for regeneration | Non-profit arm of regen_network.
Strangelove is the hub of software excellence within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.
Switcheo Labs
Enabling a world where trust is optional We nurture ecosystems that create a new decentralized world.
Web3 Builders Alliance
Master Level Rust CosmWasm Institute for leveling up the developer talent, standards, and experience in Cosmos.
Secure and Reliable Blockchain Services.
Another Software
Developing cool software for the dweb.
Bites Digital Group
Media, interviews, howtos for the web3 defi #ibc world. With flipsidecrypto. Content ≠ advice, DYOR.
HOLE is the native asset of BlackHole LLC that represents voting power in a DeFi instrument used for upholding the health of the digital asset economy.
Bware Labs
| Creator of - Decentralized API platform | Leading Validators for PoS blockchains and bridges.
Best-in-class tech from academia to enterprise, ensuring accuracy & security of your blockchain projects.
With deep technical knowledge of blockchain, web & mobile app development, we offer a robust & easy-to-use solution.
Connectivity Standards Alliance
The Foundation and Future of the IoT.
Cosmos Hub Governance
Supporting governance on CosmosHub.
Cronos Labs/Particle B
Web3 ecosystem accelerator of cronos_chain.
Game & Metaverse Development Studio | Orbem Wars
Electron labs
Bringing on-Chain Privacy to dApps and users.
The open source, global community for enterprise grade blockchain technologies.
KI Foundation
Ki is bridging CeFi & DeFi. Cosmos SDK based and utilizing Tendermint Core.
We Empower Decentralised Networks Through Self Sovereign Identity.
Oasis Foundation
A better internet for all. 🏝 Oasis is the go-to L1 blockchain powering the next gen of web3 with privacy, speed, scalability, & the lowest fees in DeFi.