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Juno the DAO chain ~ Interview with Dev Jake Hartnell ~ Will Juno still be here in 5 years?

Join Joe and Jake Hartnell in discussing the future of Juno, and in particular, DAOs.

=============== TIME STAMPS =================

0:00 Introduction & Jake Hartnell’s contributions
2:15 Yes or No questions for Jake
4:00 What is a DAO?
7:45 Examples of how DAOs can be used
10:07 DAOs in decentralized finance
12:15 Juno is a DAO chain powered by DAO DAO
18:05 The bull case for Juno
22:15 A deep look at DAO DAO v2
31:35 Cross chain DAOs & DAO alliances
42:00 Community Questions for Jake
51:00 My final “off topic” questions and Jake’s ending rant