Bitcoin Price vs. Alts: Why YOUR Portfolio WONT Pump This Cycle | $ADA $DOT $SOL

BY Cosmos JoeApril 30 · video

Owned and produced by Dead Cat Media LLC.

TLDR:  This market cycle is different for several reasons.  And those reasons will cause many bag holders of OG, proven tokens to be disappointed.  It all starts with Bitcoin.

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI:

Bitcoin outperforming altcoins due to market cycle dynamics 00:03

  • Altcoins do not pump in every market cycle, as experienced in previous market cycles
  • Investors should be cautious and not be married to underperforming altcoin bags

Crypto market reality check: FUD and volatility. 02:22

  • Retail investors and founders contributing to market instability
  • Pessimistic outlook on the existence of most tokens

Most altcoins will underperform in this market cycle. 06:52

  • Meme coins are currently outshining altcoins in attention
  • Major tokens like Tron are not performing well compared to others

Price action is key in a bull market. 09:05

  • Bitcoin’s surge after clearing $31,500 prompted allocation to Bitcoin and related tokens
  • Altcoins suffering due to money flowing into Bitcoin and Rune

Cardano faces challenges due to lack of narrative and draining by organizations. 14:07

  • Cardano is facing issues due to lack of compelling narrative, making it difficult to compete with other altcoins.
  • NFT creators and stake pool operators have extracted value from Cardano, leading to a drain in the ecosystem.

Understanding the reasons behind the performance difference of Solana memes, Cardano, and Cosmos. 16:38

  • Bitcoin’s impact on the uptrend and subsequent fall of Madic and other altcoins.
  • The influence of big Twitter personalities and the shift of profits into highly speculative tokens.

Altcoins like ADA, DOT, and SOL are too focused on the tech and may miss out on significant price moves. 20:33

  • Altcoins use the core technology for free and are too focused on the tech, which may not interest investors during a bear market.
  • Polka Dot and other altcoins may be at risk of missing out on significant price moves due to their focus on the tech rather than market trends.

Missed opportunities with ADA, DOT, SOL. 22:47

  • Narrative of missed buying opportunities with ADA, DOT, and SOL due to mistakes and delay.
  • Discussion on the successful arbitrage opportunity involving SBF token with Solana phones.

Altcoins not performing despite Bitcoin rise. 27:00

  • Altcoins like ADA, DOT, SOL are underperforming market despite Bitcoin’s rise.
  • ETH chart suggests long-term downtrend, but uncertain due to lack of expertise in trading.

Bitcoin dominance is likely to remain high, limiting altcoin potential. 29:08

  • Identifying big altcoin runners like in previous cycles will be challenging.
  • Previous coins like Luna, Ada, Avax, and Matic saw significant gains despite Bitcoin dominance.

Bitcoin is competing with other narratives and narratives are gaining traction in the crypto space. 33:42

  • Many altcoins like oracles, runes, BRC 20s are being overlooked, while narratives like AI, DeFi, and NFTs are gaining popularity.
  • Bitcoiners are not embracing narratives like DeFi, proof of stake, and AI, which are driving the growth of other tokens.

Metaverse hype is reminiscent of previous cycles. 35:47

  • Past metaverse tokens like Sandbox and Decentraland saw significant gains during previous cycles.
  • Current metaverse projects need strong marketing and differentiation to succeed in the oversaturated market.

Price action is key in portfolio performance. 40:19

  • Bitcoin remains a leader in culture and adoption.
  • Having exposure to Bitcoin is crucial for investment success.

Mature networks are underperforming in the current crypto market. 42:32

  • These battle-tested, long-lasting networks with extensive development are being outperformed by newer, less established cryptocurrencies.
  • Price action is a strong indicator of success, influencing new investors’ decisions and distinguishing winners from losers.

Price action crowns the winner in Bull markets. 46:59

  • Competition for attention is stiff, and the scoreboard doesn’t lie
  • Tokens that pumped in the previous cycle may not pump higher in the next Bull Run

Diversify nft collection across chains for better returns. 49:17

  • Tokens like Luna, maddo, and polka dot may not pump to all-time highs
  • Past winners of 2017 may not be the same for the next Bull Run, consider diversifying

Market valuations were off the charts in 2017-2018. 53:54

  • Many tokens were overvalued even at all-time lows due to poor tokenomics
  • Networks lose money despite building on them; lack of fee structures

Memes affecting altcoin liquidity. 56:33

  • Altcoins losing liquidity due to meme coins.
  • Solona retaining users due to meme coin culture.

Don’t expect tokens to pump based on past cycles. 1:01:09

  • Focus on current chart performance of ADA, DOT, SOL
  • Consider factors beyond previous all-time highs

Learning charting from a streamer could improve trading skills. 1:03:28

  • Consider discussing charting techniques and finding good entries.
  • Discuss the importance of learning to identify good exits as well.