Cosmos Airdrop News & Coinbureau Feature | Coinhall, Provenance, Stride

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI:

Discussion on upcoming airdrops and lesser-known chains in Cosmos ecosystem. 00:01
  • Franklin Templeton preparing for an Ethereum spot ETF launch, decision by SEC expected in late May
  • THM ETF to start trading in Hong Kong, along with Bitcoin ETF, on April 30
Altcoins are where life-changing gains are made. 01:54
  • Altcoins have the potential for rapid and significant investment gains compared to Bitcoin
  • Exploring specific niches, ecosystems, and participating in airdrops can help identify promising altcoins
Opportunities in the Cosmos ecosystem for cash flow and investments. 03:44
  • Top gainers in the Cosmos ecosystem include Mars, Saga and Sei, with Cronos leading in market cap at $130 million.
  • Forbes India article highlighted the concept of ‘zombie chains’ with multi-billion dollar valuations but low user activity.
ATOM is more relevant than other coins in the list. 05:38
  • ATOM is not listed in Forbes India’s list of top coins, but other prominent coins like XRP, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ICP, Ethereum Classic are listed.
  • Cosmos needs to focus on user onboarding, developer engagement, and marketing strategies to regain relevance and climb up in rankings.
Coin Hall to launch their own Cosmos layer one blockchain. 07:24
  • Hall will be the native coin for the Hall chain, serving as the lynchpin of Hall swap
  • Provenance is tokenizing financial products with $10.4 billion in TVL and significant transaction volume
Providence coin has potential based on valuation and low bonded rate. 09:25
  • Providence coin has a total supply of 100 billion and is currently priced at 2 cents, implying a $2.2 billion valuation.
  • The chain has a TVL of 10 billion, but lacks liquidity on DEXAs and has low bondet rate.
Coinbureau featured as recommended place for Cosmos ecosystem updates. 11:24
  • Coinbureau gaining 400 new subscribers due to feature
  • List of current and upcoming Cosmos airdrops shared for viewers to claim
STRIDE airdrop claim process. 13:14
  • The claim process involves app use, zone drop/claim to check eligibility, and approval of a transaction for the first batch.
  • Subsequent steps include staking STRD and liquid staking ATOM on STRIDE for airdrop claim.