Cosmos & Crypto News: Solana Liquid Staking in Cosmos | New Crypto AI Coin | Quasar, AIOZ, Pstake

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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI,

Analysis of Bitcoin ETF flows and impact on crypto market. 00:01

  • Grayscale and Black Rock ETF outflows and net assets comparison.
  • Impact of ETF outflows on Bitcoin price and potential sell pressure.

Pake Finance released STK Soul liquid staking for Solana 02:13

  • Quasar is pumping due to burn buyback and burn proposal execution, leading to a 20% price increase
  • Thin liquidity and trading volumes are causing extreme volatility in the market

Launch of Persistent LSD assets with aggressive incentives for liquid staking on Solana network. 04:27

  • PStake is implementing a similar aggressive incentive strategy as seen with Celestia and Tia, targeting the much larger addressable market of Solana TVL.
  • Anticipated APR for $stkSOL will be around 8%, making it competitive with Jito Sol’s LSD and potentially doubling Persistences locked value.

High-yield opportunities in Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. 06:38

  • APR rates such as 40% on USCC USD pool, 63% on DDX pool, and 70% on Stars pool.
  • Recent launch of liquid staking token LSTC offering 130% yield, showing aggressive expansion of liquidity pools.

Picasso Network leading the IBC race for Solana and Ethereum. 08:41

  • Picasso Network has $17 million for Solana restaking and is rolling out IBC for Solana and Ethereum, making it the first to Market
  • Pake token is also gaining traction, backed by Binance Labs and listed on major exchanges, with promising potential for growth

Solana has built a strong and active community through physical events and onboarding developers. 10:51

  • Solana has achieved success with a super team that has organized events, onboarded developers, and connected with people around the world over the past three to four years. They have focused on geographic regions and locations to onboard developers and have been extremely successful.
  • They have created a strong community through physical events, onboarding developers, and creating engaging crypto videos, which has contributed significantly to the growth of the Solana ecosystem.

Transition from Ethereum to Solana for reduced gas fees and improved functionality. 13:05

  • Describing the impact of gas fees on Ethereum transactions and the potential solution using Wormhole on Solana ecosystem.
  • Highlighting the events, education initiatives, and funding support by the Solana foundation to attract developers from major hubs in crypto.

Intersection of crypto and AI: AOS project. 15:21

  • AOS project integrates AI, storage, and streaming into one platform
  • Started on Ethereum, now launched a Cosmos chain, capturing traction and momentum

Recent developments in ASI Alliance and ASI token launch. 17:25

  • ASI Alliance announced merger involving SingularityNet, Ocean Protocol, and Fetch AI
  • Plans to establish artificial super intelligence Council in Singapore for ASI token governance

New organization and tokenomics in the AI space. 19:21

  • Establishing ASI token with cross-chain liquidity migration
  • Complex process involving existing bridges from Cardano, Fetch, Ocean, and Ethereum, along with various token conversions

Solana liquid staking in Cosmos. 21:15

  • Solana experienced a significant price increase from its 2023 lows.
  • Recommendation to watch a video on Cosmos featuring an interview with the CEO at Coin Bureau.