BY Cosmic ValidatorSept 11 · video

Hi Cosmonauts! ⚛️ Welcome to the Cosmos ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Cosmos in the 2nd half of August:


COSMOS HUB V12 UPGRADE: The Liquid Staking Module will finally arrive with this upgrade, what are the implications for ATOM delegators, validators and liquid staking providers? All you need to know is in this episode


DUALITY MERGING WITH NEUTRON: Why is Duality choosing to integrate with Neutron rather than launching their own consumer chain, which was the initial plan?


STRIDE ATOM AND OSMO DELEGATION PROGRAM: Evaluations are ongoing for the eligible applications, what are the next steps and timeline before the new delegations are completed?


ICF DELEGATIONS POLICY VERSION 2: The ICF is opening applications for the delegation program, what has changed compared to the first version? When is the deadline to apply or the eligibility requirements? We are covering in-depth this new Delegations policy in this episode with all the important information that you need to know


ICF GOVERNANCE AND COLLABORATIONS UPDATES: Important changes to ICF’s governance and some key collaborations announced


AKASH MAINNET 6 UPGRADE: Why is this upgrade so important and what are the key highlights of this upgrade?


INJ 2.0: Injective is aiming to make INJ ultrasound money, what tokenomics changes were made to achieve this goal?


NATIVE USDC IN COSMOS: Native USDC in Cosmos before the end of October? You will find all the details in this episode


Focused sections about Osmosis, Injective, Secret Network, Persistence, Chain4Energy, Juno, AssetMantle, Stride and Crypto regulations and compliance updates with MME


All this and much more in this episode, and now for today’s top stories: