BY Cosmic ValidatorMarch 19 · video

Welcome to the Cosmos ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Cosmos in the 1st half of March: 

COSMOS HUB AND CONSUMER CHAINS: Implications and analysis of the minimum 5% fee enforcement and the upcoming partial set security

NAMADA: The Namada mainnet launch in just a few weeks, when will NAM transfers be enabled? Which pilots and crew members are winning the Shielded expedition?

DYDX v4: Review of the ongoing STRD airdrop for stDYDX holders

OSMOSIS: Incentivization of wstETH and other updates

KUJIRA: NTRN liquidity now on Kujira and upcoming release of SONAR wallet

CELESTIA: Stride becoming the first rollchain and major projects using Celestia for data availability

SEI: Overview of the upcoming Sei v2 upgrade

PERSISTENCE: stkATOM new automated delegation strategy and launch of stkSTARS

SECRET NETWORK: A collaboration with Lava network & supporting a better crypto policy and regulations

AKASH: New high-performing GPUs available at the lowest cost in the market

OTHER ECOSYSTEM NEWS: Lava network milestones and updates

Focused sections about the Cosmos hub and consumer chains Stride and Neutron, Namada, dYdX, Osmosis, Kujira, Celestia, Sei, Persistence, Secret Network, Akash and Crypto regulations and compliance updates with MME

All this and much more in this episode, and now for today’s top stories