Mintscan’s 2023 Funding Proposal: A Comprehensive Overview

Mintscan’s 2023 Funding Proposal: A Comprehensive Overview

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Mintscan, a pivotal tool in the Cosmos ecosystem, has recently put forth a funding proposal to the Cosmos Hub community. The proposal seeks a grant of 320,000 ATOM from the community pool to fund its future developments and maintenance. This article aims to provide an in-depth summary of the proposal, along with the community’s feedback and responses.

Background: What is Mintscan?

The Role of Mintscan in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Mintscan serves as a block explorer for the Cosmos ecosystem, providing detailed on-chain visibility. It is a project by Cosmostation, a Cosmos validator and ecosystem provider based in Seoul, South Korea. The service aims to offer a high-quality interchain portal, complete with data analytics, an API service, and a search engine for the Cosmos Hub and its replicated security chains1.

The Proposal Details

Objectives and Milestones

The primary objective of the proposal is to secure funding for future integrations, enhancements, and the continued development of Mintscan. The team has outlined specific milestones, including:

  • Enhancing on-chain data accessibility and visibility for Cosmos.
  • Integrating new Cosmos Hub features, modules, and functionalities.
  • Providing advanced API services and data analytics for a wider audience.
  • Offering 24/7 customer support and monitoring.

Funding and Execution

Mintscan is requesting 320,000 ATOM, which will be sent to a 10-year vesting account with a 5-year lock, followed by a 5-year linear unlock. The funding aims to cover development resources, infrastructure maintenance, community support, and ongoing improvements.

Community Feedback and Responses

General Sentiments

The proposal has generated a mix of positive and critical feedback from the community. While many appreciate Mintscan’s contributions and see the funding as a way to ensure its long-term sustainability, others have raised questions about the size of the grant and the specifics of its utilization.

Key Concerns

  1. Transparency: Some community members have called for more transparency in how the funds will be allocated.
  2. Accountability: Questions have been raised about the mechanisms in place to ensure that Mintscan delivers on its promises.


Mintscan’s funding proposal to the Cosmos Hub community is a significant event that could shape the future of the Cosmos ecosystem. While the proposal is ambitious, it has opened up discussions about funding, transparency, and accountability within the community. As the voting period progresses, it will be interesting to see how the community navigates these complexities to arrive at a decision that benefits the broader Cosmos ecosystem.


Check out the full proposal draft here,