Movement Labs Introduces M2: The First Move VM L2 for Ethereum

Movement Labs Introduces M2: The First Move VM L2 for Ethereum

BY ICIDec 16 · 2 min read

Overview of Movement Labs’ M2 Launch:

Movement Labs is launching M2, marking the first Move Virtual Machine Layer 2 (L2) for Ethereum. This significant development, scaled with Celestia as a modular Data Availability (DA) layer, initiates an ecosystem of modular, Move-based blockchains.

Key Features of M2:

  • Integration with Celestia: M2 utilizes Celestia’s Blobstream and the modular stack, enhancing its performance within the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • High Throughput and Security: M2 aims for high transaction speeds (145k+ transactions per second) and employs localized fee markets to address gas spikes.
  • Smart Contract Execution: Developers can use M2 to access formal verification systems, ensuring secure smart contract execution at affordable costs.

Architecture of Movement:

  • Unique Consensus Integration: M2 combines Celestia for Data Availability, Snowman Consensus for sequencing, and the Move Virtual Machine for execution.
  • Target Applications: The platform is designed for high-performance consumer apps, games, and financial products prioritizing security.

Facilitating Move Adoption:

  • Transitioning from Solidity: Movement’s Fractal module allows Solidity scripts to be converted into opcodes for Move VMs. This enables Solidity projects to adopt Move’s performance and security benefits without rewriting code in Move.
  • Growing Ecosystem: Movement Labs is integrating various applications and infrastructure from different blockchain networks, enhancing Ethereum’s liquidity and accessibility.

Celestia’s Blobstream and Movement’s Novel Use Cases:

  • Bridging Ethereum and Celestia: Blobstream acts as a crucial link, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and high-throughput connection between Ethereum and Celestia.
  • Vision for Move Language: Movement Labs sees the Move language as a key element in Web3, aiming for top-notch performance and security.
  • Democratization and Integration: The goal is to make Move widely accessible and integrated with existing blockchain ecosystems.

For Developers:

MOV Airdrop:

In a recent interview with Cryptocito, Rushi Manche, co-founder of Movement Labs, confirmed plans for an upcoming MOV airdrop. 

Early MOV Airdrop Details:

  • Community Focus: The MOV airdrop will prioritize community involvement, drawing inspiration from the Celestia $TIA airdrop model.
  • Cosmos and Celestia Communities: Manche highlighted the importance of both the Cosmos and Celestia communities, as well as Etherium and Avalanche, indicating their significant role in the airdrop process.
  • Allocation Strategy: Celestia and Cosmos community members are expected to be included in the airdrop allocation.
  • Early Stages of the Airdrop: While the airdrop has been confirmed, the specifics, such as eligibility criteria and distribution mechanics, are still in the early stages of planning.
  • Video Interview: You can see the segment in Cryptocito’s interview here:


Movement Labs’ M2 presents a groundbreaking step in blockchain technology, combining speed, security, and efficiency. By bridging Ethereum and Celestia and fostering the Move programming language, M2 is set to unlock new possibilities and enhance the blockchain landscape for developers and consumers alike.