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The following is an AI generated summary from ICI:

Exploring off-ramping opportunities in the Cosmos ecosystem. 00:01
  • Sponsor shoutouts to cir. network, shade protocol, Jackal protocol, and interchain info for their contributions to the space
  • Redey bear’s tweet reigniting interest in off-ramping opportunities within the cosmos ecosystem
Fina.Cash offers self-custody crypto offramp with global accessibility and privacy features. 01:57
  • Red i’ bear has never misled the speaker, which piqued the speaker’s interest in Fina.Cash.
  • Fina.Cash is connected with Metamask, Keplr Wallet, and Wallet Connect, making it convenient for users in the cosmos ecosystem and beyond.
Fina.Cash offers a web 3 prepaid Visa card. 03:54
  • It is connected to wallets like Fin wallet, Kepler, Phantom, and metamask.
  • The landing page is minimalist and provides essential information. offers cross-chain wallets, rewards, and easy access to value within the Cosmos ecosystem. 05:46
  • is enabling the use of crypto assets in day-to-day life, which is crucial for the crypto landscape.
  • The platform provides opportunities for staking, tokenomics, and compliance with the EU regulations.
Fina.Cash offers different card tiers based on staking value. 07:37
  • Staking levels include blue, silver, and black cards with varying staking amounts.
  • The special silk card allows topping off the Fina.Cash card with a stable coin and has ties to the Shade Protocol.
Fina.Cash offers silver and blue cards with staking benefits. 09:29
  • Fina.Cash is currently on a waitlist for card distribution, with a minimum deposit requirement of $2,000 for the silver card.
  • Staking rewards can be used to load the card and make real-world purchases, providing a practical use for the tokens.
Fina.Cash cards already fulfilled first batch registers, stay tuned for next batch. 11:30
  • Consider joining the cosmos ecosystem or crypto landscape
  • Kujira was mentioned as part of adding more IBC chains, including kajura in Q2 and Q3 of 2023
Exploring potential partnerships between Shade Protocol, Finna.Cash, and Kujira Network. 13:24
  • Discussing the benefits of integrating Fin token into decks outside of Shade Protocol
  • Considering the synergies and opportunities within the Cosmos ecosystem
Using for off-ramp value. 15:16
  • Exploring the Shade Protocol and its application
  • Understanding the Kujira Network and its potential