SoulClaim – Backbone Labs $SOUL Airdrop

SoulClaim – Backbone Labs $SOUL Airdrop

BY ICIDec 13 · 1 min read

Introduction to Backbone Labs and $SOUL Token

Backbone Labs recently announced the launch of the $SOUL token. This token is designed to be the core of Backbone Labs’ blockchain ecosystem, symbolizing a vital connection within their digital asset world.

Backbone Labs’ Recent Impact

Over the past 18 months, Backbone Labs has developed several key projects:

  • NecropolisNFT Marketplace: A digital marketplace initially on Terra, expanding to Migaloo.
  • GraveDigger: A liquid staking protocol available on multiple chains with a TVL of $903k.
  • NFT Switch: A peer-to-peer trading platform for NFTs on Terra.
  • SkeletonPunks and Migaloo Whales: NFT collections with revenue-sharing features.

Details of the $SOUL Token

  • Blockchain Used: Migaloo Chain ($WHALE).
  • Total Supply: 10 Million $SOUL tokens.
  • Token Allocation:
    • 50% for SoulDrop.
    • 15% to the Soul Foundation.
    • 15% reserved for the team.
    • 10% for protocol liquidity.
    • 10% for Sail Chain Claim.
  • Unclaimed Tokens: Unclaimed tokens from SoulClaim will revert to the Soul Foundation.
  • Launch: Timing is not announced, yet.
SOUL Token Distribution - Airdrop

SoulClaim: Eligibility for $SOUL Airdrop

Eligibility for the $SOUL token Airdrop includes:

  • GraveDigger NFT collection stakers (Skeleton Punks, Migaloo Whales, etc…)
  • LP’ers on bLUNA, bWHALE, bHUAHUA, and bJUNO staking pools
  • Necropolis and Necromancer shoppers and minters
  • GraveDigger treasure hunters
  • Alliance stakers — bWhale, bLUNA, etc…
  • NFT Switch users
  • Stakers of NFT Switch and PFC validators (Sail program Chains only min of $250 value staked)
  • Ginkou bASSET borrowers and stable depositors
  • RaccoonBet gamblers
  • PixeLion Skeleton Punk trait NFTs
  • LionDao $ROAR staker of 100 million on Enterprise Dao

Blackbone Labs will be taking multiple snapshots to monitor eligibility. Assume that some snapshots were taken already and more are on the way.

Note: The above details are not final or confirmed, eligibility, amounts, and requirements can change.


Backbone Labs’ $SOUL token aims to weave together life and death in the digital realm, providing a unique asset to its ecosystem. $SOUL looks to extend Backbone Labs’ innovation and commitment to their community and blockchain projects.