Yield Farming on Astrovault: How stakers, builders, & LPers can profit together on Archway (part 2)

BY Cosmos JoeJuly 9 · video

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Disclaimer: This video is meant to inform and educate. Tokens & protocols come with inherent risks. Do your own research before buying or trading cryptocurrencies!

Also: I participated in the token launch for $AXV token which is discussed in the video!

=============== ASTROVAULT =================
Astrovault is a re-envisioned AMM that fixes a core problem — AMMs are not economically viable. This Cosmos DEX is the first to monetize liquidity & make token holders the beneficiary of this business model.

A massive governance aggregator, Astrovault can offer sustainable incentives for your DAO. With unique staking and LP opportunities, Astrovault stands apart economically in the Cosmos.

=DEX Website: https://astrovault.io
=Statistics: https://astrovault.io/statistics
=Eric’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricWaisanen

================= TIME STAMPS ====================

01:21 ~ Introducing Eric “The Neck”
02:55 ~ Astrovault Yes/No
08:30 ~ Can a whale money farming Astrovault?
10:00 ~ What are the expenses for a DEX?
12:00 ~ Can “value accrual” work for all stakeholders of the DEX?
15:15 ~ Why doesn’t AXV have a max supply?
18:05 ~ Why can’t Osmosis copy your model and beat you?
21:05 ~ Why does your project need a token?
24:45 ~ What types of liquidity pools exist on Astrovault?
28:45 ~ How much liquidity do pools really need?
33:05 ~ How will aggregators make Astrovault into a DeFi beast?