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Hi Cosmonauts! ⚛️ Welcome to the Cosmos ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Cosmos in the 2nd half of March:

COSMOS HUB AND CONSUMER CHAINS: IST proposal and NTRN vesting updates
NAMADA: The Shielded Expedition is ending soon, why the Namada mainnet launch will have a similar magnitude as the mainnet launches of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Cosmos IBC?
DYDX v4: Stride and Persistence’s pSTAKE proposals
OSMOSIS: Volume and liquidity overview
KUJIRA: Sonar updates and Awesomwasm
CELESTIA: Blobstream and the Space Bazaar global hackathon
SEI: Fast finality and trade-offs overview
PERSISTENCE: Delegation program round 3 and pSTAKE TVL growth
SECRET NETWORK: SecretPath and HackSecret 2024 winners
AKASH: AKT added in Coinbase for trading and custody
OTHER ECOSYSTEM NEWS: Dymension RollApp Standards Focused sections about the Cosmos hub and consumer chains Stride and Neutron, Namada, dYdX, Osmosis, Kujira, Celestia, Sei, Persistence, Secret Network, Akash and Crypto regulations and compliance updates with MME

The following is an AI generated summary from ICI,

Summary of recent developments in the Cosmos ecosystem. 00:07

  • Highlights include native stable coins like USDC, USDT, and IST gaining traction on Osmosis and other platforms.
  • Proposals for liquid staking of ATOM in the Kasa sub community pool and creation of IST vaults for minting.

Key update on Osmosis liquidity pools and airdrops for STRD. 02:37

  • Discussed the allocation of liquidity in different LP pools on Osmosis, with main focus on the osmosis IST USDC concentrate liquidity pool
  • Highlighted the ongoing airdrop for STRD and announced partnerships with Astria rollup Network, Eclipse, and Hyperland for cross rollup bridging

NTR investing allocations resolved with updates on validator and NAD man. 05:01

  • Neutron team working on updating allocations to reflect validator changes, will add more frequent updates
  • NAD man expected in April for S-Class test category with focus on reduced fragmentation in shed pools and asset levels

NAMADA enhances privacy for all crypto users. 07:26

  • NAMADA provides a unified, cross-chain privacy solution for all asset types.
  • By enabling privacy for assets and transactions, NAMADA paves the way for corporate adoption of blockchain technology.

Osmosis and its recent developments. 09:47

  • Proposals for governance and contributions by Pake and others
  • Increase in liquidity and volume, along with new assets and upcoming events

Cosmos ecosystem updates and announcements. 12:20

  • Noble SSIA announced a hackathon with over $100,000 in prizes, consisting of four tracks.
  • Blob stream is an on-chain data attestation bridge enabling Ethereum L2s and L3s to use Celestia as a module of data availability.

Persistence chain updates and announcements. 14:38

  • Bitcoin security VI babblong going live on the babyon test set and coming to the main net
  • Announcement of round three of delegation program with new eligibility requirements and categories

Coinbase adds support for AKT and trading started on March 19th, 2024. 16:51

  • AKT SLUSD pair now has the largest volume for AKT
  • AKT is trading in several other top exchanges such as Kraken with USD and Euro pairs

Regulatory requirements for crypto asset market abuse detection. 19:06

  • The video discusses various aspects of detecting and reporting suspected market abuse in crypto assets as per article 922 of Micaa.
  • It also covers the suitability requirements, provision of advice, management in crypto assets, periodic statement formats, and procedures for transfer services according to different articles of Micaa.

Upcoming launches and developments in the crypto space. 21:12

  • NADA shooter exhibition ending soon and Mana launch expected in April.
  • Discussion on the potential impact of ZK proofs on Bitcoin transaction privacy.