BY Cosmic ValidatorMay 22 · video

Hi Cosmonauts! ⚛️ Welcome to the Cosmos ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Cosmos in the 1st half of May:

COSMOS HUB AND CONSUMER CHAINS: Partial Set Security and Vote Power Tax proposal

NAMADA: Community concerns about the Shielded Expedition

DYDX v4: Upcoming CosmWasm integration

OSMOSIS: v25 upgrade overview

KUJIRA: Awesomwasm hackathon tracks

CELESTIA: Rollkit overview SEI: Several ecosystem updates and events


SECRET NETWORK: Selected projects of Q2 grants

AKASH: Mainnet 11 and Akash Accelerate 24

OTHER ECOSYSTEM NEWS: Onomy exchange launch and Lava foundation fundraising Focused sections about the Cosmos hub and consumer chains Stride and Neutron, Namada, dYdX, Osmosis, Kujira, Celestia, Sei, Persistence, Secret Network, Akash and Crypto regulations and compliance updates with MME

All this and much more in this episode, and now for today’s top stories

The following is an AI auto generated summary from ICI:

Cosmos Hub V16 upgrade introduces partial set security. 00:07
  • Partial set security offers more flexibility for consumer chains
  • Concerns raised by potential consumer chains about additional costs and no additional revenue
Proposal for a vote power tax to solve revenue issues for validators and decentralization in Cosmos Hub. 02:34
  • Introduction of a proposal for a vote power tax to address the revenue issue for validators running consumer chains.
  • The idea aims to equally distribute the tax collected to all Cosmos Hub validators, potentially solving the revenue problems and decentralization issues.
Implementation of VP tax to benefit Cosmos Hub in terms of security and decentralization. 04:53
  • The VP tax proposal aims to increase security, reduce centralization, and incentivize validators
  • Recent implementation of minimum 5% fee shows potential support for VP tax proposal
Challenges in achieving uptime and governance issues in Cosmos crypto community. 07:12
  • Validators faced difficulties in maintaining uptime, impacting their sleep and personal schedules.
  • Governance category saw spam proposals and lack of focus on official important proposals leading to unfair competition.
Concerns raised about validators’ actions and events. 09:28
  • Validators engaged in malicious campaigns and efforts to invalidate tasks
  • DYDX announced integration of Kism for cross-chain interoperability
Smart accounts and Consensus Improvements in Osmosis v25 Upgrade. 11:57
  • Smart accounts in Osmosis v25 upgrade improve trading experience with easier and automated transactions, support for multiple devices, and enhanced security measures like 2FA.
  • Consensus improvements in the upgrade include reduced block timer to 2.5 seconds, improved gas price calculations, and upcoming Kajira hackathon in Berlin.
Cosmos ecosystem news update. 14:17
  • New liquid staking protocols and NFT fundraiser in the SE ecosystem.
  • Announcement of Q2 round of grants and launch of STK xprt for liquid staking.
Secret Network partnerships and upcoming events. 16:48
  • Secret Network enabling privacy preserving tokens like TW tokens and private polling for various projects.
  • Upcoming AOS Accelerated 24 event on May 28th in Austin, focusing on aosh community gatherings and mainnet upgrades.
Recent developments in crypto news. 18:51
  • The Law Foundation raised $1 million for an upcoming airdrop and mainnet launch.
  • Russian developer Alexi prv was sentenced to 64 months in prison for money laundering related to Tornado Cash.
Tornado Cash stakeholders’ responsibility and control highlighted. 21:01
  • The creators of Tornado Cash have developed source code and act as directors
  • Alexi Prv and co-founders hold substantial control with 30% tokens