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Hi Cosmonauts!

Welcome to the Cosmos ecosystem news roundup, here are the top stories in Cosmos in the 2nd half of January: 

COSMOS HUB AND CONSUMER CHAINS: Discussion to improve replicated security with Partial set security, upcoming enforcement of the minimum 5% commission with the v15 upgrade, Stride and Neutron news and more. Everything you must know about ATOM and the Cosmos hub is in this episode

NAMADA: Shielded Expedition started and tasks revealed, what are the different tasks? What are the prizes and who is eligible? Watch closely because the potential value of the rewards could be very significant. Learn also about Park’s forum discussion regarding a new Namada community architecture based on RPGF funding

DYDX v4: Interchain Accounts have arrived, learn the implications of this regarding DYDX liquid staking, also learn all the details regarding the dYdX Foundation $30 million funding request

OSMOSIS: Updates regarding the grants program, a new customer support service and Milkyway milestones

KUJIRA: watch this episode to learn the most important highlights of the upcoming Kujira roadmap 2024

CELESTIA: A CIP discussion on the forum started by Stride regarding ICA on Celestia and more

SEI: What is SeiDB? Learn all the details in this video and also a new project bringing liquid staking to Sei

PERSISTENCE: Imminent launch of stkDYDX, a new validator selection for stkATOM, USDT from Kava on Persistence and many other exciting news from the Persistence ecosystem

SECRET NETWORK: Winners of the new grants program cohort one, integration with Polygon and several other important news

AKASH: A forum discussion about a $5 million funding to incentivize more high-density GPU supply on the network, what feedback did the community provide and what are the next steps? AkashEDU also announced on the OmniFlix TV, all the details in this video

OTHER ECOSYSTEM NEWS: The OmniFlix Hub v2 has arrived, what are the main highlights and implications?

Focused sections about the Cosmos hub and consumer chains Stride and Neutron, Namada, dYdX, Osmosis, Kujira, Celestia, Sei, Persistence, Secret Network, Akash and Crypto regulations and compliance updates with MME

All this and much more in this episode, and now for today’s top stories